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Voted the Best Online Sim of 1996 by PC Games, Warbirds is a multi-user WWII flight simulation accessible over the Interner. This means every plane you meet in the skies is flown by a different, real, individual from nearly anywhere in the world. Since you also can communicate via a text window, this makes Warbirds the closest sim to date in simulating flying and fighting in the skies of WWII.

Several squadrons have been formed by people who enjoy flying together as a group and who try to similate and experience WWII flight operations and tactics. I belong to the Sea Dragons squadron, which is a carrier-based unit of the 123rd Virtual Tactical Fighter Wing, known as the Royal Knights. The Royal Knights consist of 4 Squadrons: the Lancers, the Sabres, the Avengers, and the Sea Dragons. The Sea Dragons is my squadron, the Carrier based squadron for the ~RK^.

My handle is Bad Omen. In the ~RK^ I am +=Bad Omen=+, RCO, SCO. The ‘+=‘ denotes my rank as Lt. Commander. ‘RCO’ is the abbreviation for Recruiting officer. ‘SCO’ means that I am qualified as a Section Commander, or in other words, able to lead two-plane element.

As recruiting officer, my job is to find new prospective members and help guide them in becoming a Knight. To learn more about the Royal Knights, check out the Royal Knights Ready Room by clicking on the Royal Knights logo. To learn more about the Sea Dragons, go to the Sea Dragons Home Page by clicking on the Sea Dragon’s logo. There are also other related links at the end of this page. We are always looking for a few good men! Join up!

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Updated 31 May 1997