Are You Earthquake Sensitive???

There have always been, and will always be, earthquakes. Scientists
tell us that you can't predict an earthquake or volcanic eruption, but
that's no longer true. Through the efforts of Charlotte King who
pioneered Biological Earthquake Prediction, and Chris Dodge of the US
Library of Congress, a volunteer research project was born - aptly
named "Project Migraine." The focus of this project was to prove,
beyond coincidence, that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions could be
forecast, prospective of the event, giving time, magnitude, location
and probability.

It was later discovered that there may be, in addition to Charlotte,
hundreds, and even thousands of other people around the world who may
be able to "feel and hear" earthquake and volcanic eruptions before
they actually take place.

If you walk into a room and bump into furniture or you go to pour some juice and miss the glass, or go to put sugar in your tea and end up with sugar on the table, you may be clumsy, or you may be a potential biological sensitive..

If you go to pick up your car keys or a book and drop it, and pick it up
again and again it slips through your fingers, these are all symptoms of
problems being caused by depth perception, which is affected by the EMF
changes your body is responding to..

If you never get headaches and all the sudden you get one without any
particular stress or other trigger, and then just as suddenly it is gone,
watch the papers or listen to the news, and see where the earthquake strikes
in 12-72 hours.. usually over 5.0 unless it is local to where you are.

Do you all the sudden crave popcorn.. you don't know why.. you just want
it.. this is a definite precursor to earthquakes or volcanic eruptions...
the event will hit within 12-24 hours.

Order Charlotte's pamphlet that shows the relationship between body symptoms, earthquakes, and volcanic activity.