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For those of you who are interested in finding out if you, too, are a Biological Sensitive, or know someone who is a sensitive, or want to have the information "just in case," Charlotte publishes an 24-page pamphlet detailing symptoms, locations and events.

I just updated the pamphlet and added 5 more pages in October 1999.

Charlotte's pamphlet is available for one time fee of $25.00 US Dollars by check or money order, International orders please add $3.00 for postage. Your order will be on the way to you on the next business day

This includes a free month of Email Alerts. Charlotte will update the information in her pamphlet as often as necessary when a specific event causes new symptoms, or when she receives a lot of calls from other potential sensitives that are ill, or the quake or other event is in the major category, causing both damage and injuries.

Since the sale of the Charlotte's pamphlet is her only means of keeping the internet site up and running as well as help with the phone bill and postage etc. She finds it necessary to charge for something that she would prefer to give freely,  It is through the generosity and donations of other sensitives and interested persons that Charlotte has been able to create this web site and make this information available to you.

To order Charlotte's pamphlet or make a donation, please send check or money order to:

Charlotte King
4791 WB Post Drive NE
Salem, OR 97305

More information will be available in Charlotte's upcoming book,
Earthquake Language, The Charlotte King Effect.(R)

Charlotte's desire is that in time she will have an Alert System
up and running on her site to post warnings of impending earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Stay tuned for future developments to this site.