Email Alert Subscription Program

I will be sending out one or more emails per day, based on what I am
feeling... I will try to get them out by 8 PM but many times it is late in
the evening when they are finally sent as I like to get the latest quake
information. I will list the symptoms I am feeling as well as the locations
that go with each symptom.

This is a very laid back, informal email, as I will attempt to instruct you
as we go, about the symptoms and and what they mean... On days when there is a lot of activity or multiple events building,
I will send out the email as often as necessary, sometimes 1,2 or even 3 times in 24 hours.

I will also keep you informed as to my 4 cats behavior as well as the ants
that seem to react to the earthquakes as strongly as I do... I will also
include observations for massive displays of "Earthquake Clouds" and crime
reports as they pertain to specific locations.

Since I will be putting symptoms as they relate to specific areas together,
it might be helpful if you have one of my pamphlets... so I am offering them
to you at a one time donation of $25.00 but that will also include a free month of Email Alerts...

It is not necessary to have the pamphlet to be able to get the emails, and
or to learn what is happening... but it is available for those who are
interested. For International orders, add $3.00 more for shipping.

For those who just want the Email Alerts, it is only a $5.00 donation per month, on or before the 10th of the month... payable by check or money order...

Since this information is copyrighted, it is not for re-posting to other
groups... or media... and by subscribing to the Email Alerts, you agree
to these terms. This is a service to you the subscriber, your families, and

Although I have a proven high accuracy rate for events over 5.0+ there is
always the possibility that I could be wrong as to the location, as I have
had to experience an event in that location previously, in order to learn
the symptoms for that area... rarely I ever miss the time of the event... as
the subscriber, it is your sole responsibility if you want to act on the
information that is being sent to you. I have not and will not tell anyone
to leave an area or change jobs etc, SO PLEASE DON'T ASK.

I will however answer specific questions and welcome all questions,
comments, and feedback, and I promise to answer your emails as soon as I can.

Finally I am not a medical doctor. If you are ill, seek medical attention. Do
not take chances with your health... Do not assume that you are feeling the
earthquakes until you are sure that you are medically fit.

If you would like a sample email, send me a message at the link below and I
will send you that days subscribe to the Email Alerts, send a
$5.00 check or money order donation for each month you wish to subscribe to the address at the end of this page... Please if you send for the Alerts or Pamphlets and Alerts, remember to include your e-mail address.

If you would prefer to get the information pamphlet, send a donation of $25.00 dollars, and I pay mailing... or for International orders send a donation of $25.00 US funds plus $3.00 mailing to the address at the end of this page.

Remember if you decide to order the e-mail etc... please include your e-mail
address so I can start your subscription the day your order arrives... if you
subscribe by the 10th of the month, you will be covered till the 10th of the
next month, if you subscribe after the 15th, you will still be due on the
10th day of the following month...or you can wait till the next cycle to
start your subscription...

Charlotte King
4791 WB Post Drive NE
Salem, OR 97305

Phone 503-399-0139