My Personal Glossary of Terms and Remedies

A/S: Aftershock.

Chile Connection: (c) This connection is becoming more and more documented and shows that there is at the very least a tentative connection between most shootings, murders, suicides, and or violent and spur of the moment crimes.. and quakes that hit the Chile/Bolivia/Argentina Border Region, especially the quakes in Central and or Southern Chile.. the quakes hit 1-4 days after the crime spree.

Domino Islands: (c) This is a group of islands that I so named as when one of
these islands have a 5.0+ quake it seems to trigger one, or more of the
others and they follow like "Dominos" they include such islands as Tonga,
Fiji, Samoa, New Hebrides, Vanuatu, Solomons, Marianas, Marshall and Loyalty

Earthquake Clouds: this is a thin layer of clouds, usually they are Cirrus clouds, and they begin to fan out over the sky, taking shape of swirls and
wavy patterns.. this says, in most cases that a quake over 6.0+ will take place in the water, within 12-24 hours.. this is only a visual confirmation of physical symptoms.

New Madrid Fault: Quakes along this fault can impact as many as 16 states..
the most active at this time is the New Madrid Missouri area, Tennessee,
North and or South Carolina and Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama.

Preharmonic Pain: this is the pain that signals that a volcano is or soon
will be having harmonic tremors and this tells me that a explosive eruption
is forth coming.

Seismic Flu: (c) The instantaneous onset of stomach or intestinal flu symptoms
that come and go within 12-24 hours without a fever.

Solar Flu: ( c) The instantaneous onset of intense pressure that hits the area
of the sternum and goes straight through to the mid upper back. When you have an attack of Solar Flu take 2 Lecithin 1200 mg ATC and one
antacid. it will help. (this is a natural food supplement )

Wasatch Fault: This can impact a lot of areas, but the main ones I refer to
are Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and or W. Yellowstone, unless otherwise

When you have an attack of Solar Flu take 2 Lecithin 1200 mg ATC and one
antacid. it will help. (this is a natural food supplement )

For Stomach pain take Peppermint Tea, as HOT and as SWEET as you can stand it.

For disorientation and just feeling BLAAAA eat some POPCORN. or corn in any of many forms, like Cornbread, corn chips or just plain corn... it will help.

For real medical problems feel free to email me and I will give you
information that may help your own doctor help you.

The one thing about "The Charlotte King Effect" you need to remember:
Each location has its own symptom and or sounds, and everyone who is sensitive, will feel almost exactly the same pain, at the same time, in the same place in their body,that I am, no matter where they live.
From the onset of symptoms till event it is almost exactly 12-72 hours..
A/S are usually 12-24 hours.


Remember I am not a geologist and a lot of the information I post here and in
my emails and pamphlets may not be "Geologically accurate, but it is
accurate for what I need to predict the quakes.. and teach others to do the

Also be reminded that I am not a medical doctor and if you are ill, do not
assume you are feeling a earthquake, but if you are in good health, and
these symptoms come and go, you could be a potential sensitive and these
home remedies may help.